Terms of Use of the Website bozicnivojnik.si

These Terms of Use describe, determine and govern the use of content and services of the
website www.bozicnivojnik.si (hereinafter referred to as: the Website). The Terms of Use
represent a legally valid and binding agreement between the provider and the users of the

The Website is owned and managed by the association TURISTIČNO DRUŠTVO VOJNIK,
Kašova ulica 2, 3212 Vojnik (hereinafter referred to as: the Owner of the Website).
The Owner of the Website reserves itself the right to change any part of the Website or
delete any part of the content without prior notification.

Users of the Website
A user is every person who visits the Website and uses it in any way. Such use is permitted
to any number of users who accept the service in the manner, under the conditions and in
accordance with these Terms.

Availability of the Website
As a rule, the Website is available year-round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Owner of
the service reserves itself the right to suspend access to the Website due to technical
reasons (maintenance, equipment replacement). The Owner of the service does not
guarantee the availability of the Website during possible system failures in the network of the
access route providers or any other failures, errors, other technical malfunctions or outages
caused by third persons or by force majeure.

The users of the Website are permitted to peruse through the content published by the
Owner of the Website. They are not, however, allowed to reproduce, change, transcribe, re-
publish or disseminate content for commercial and non-commercial purposes without the
prior authorisation of the Owner of the service.

In case of any authorised use of the content of this Website, all designations of industrial
property copyrights, other notifications and warnings must be kept. When quoting services or
product content, the user is allowed to join a link to the Website. It is prohibited to publish the
link on websites with illegal or immoral content. The owner of the website or product where
the link is published must remove said link upon request of the Owner of the service.

The Owner of the service is not responsible for any subsequent disposal of the content of
the Website by third persons. Furthermore, the Owner exercises no influence over the
behaviour of said third persons, which the user recognises and agrees with. Users expressly
provide that no intellectual property rights or personality rights of third persons are infringed
upon when they publish their own content on the Website.

The trademarks appearing throughout the service or on other products are registered
trademarks owned or exploited via licence by the Owner of the service, a related company
or a third person. Any use of these trademarks without a suitable prior written consent of the
owner of the rights is prohibited. Signs that are not registered as marks are protected in
accordance with the rules pertaining to copyright law.

The service provider is not responsible for copyright infringement if any material protected in
accordance with the Industrial Property Act, the Copyright and Related Rights Act, and
related acts is sent by the user.

The user sending the material agrees not to demand any remuneration for publishing said

Social network functions
The Website may include social network functionalities and the possibility of publishing on
Facebook, G+, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. The Owner of the service allows the users
to publish links and recommendations on social networks in a manner that is available on
the Website itself.

Privacy protection
Users agree that the data they have forwarded to the Owner of the service be used in the
manner and for the purposes described hereunder.

The Owner of the service undertakes to protect the data of the users with proper care and to
not divulge them to third persons. The Owner of the service further undertakes to protect the
privacy of the users of the Website. The information on the use of the Website that shall be
collected automatically and that do not enable any insight into personal data shall be used
with the purpose of providing a service and ameliorating the use of the Website, as it is
provided in the cookie notice. Personal data forwarded by users are included into the data
collection of the Owner of the service. These data are collected in order to notify users of the
services, products, sampling, surveying and statistical data treatment of the Owner of the
service, as well as for the segmentation, market research, notifying of commercial and non-
commercial offers, novelties, and advantages for other marketing purposes of the Owner of
the service and third persons who conclude a corresponding data processing contract with
the Owner of the service.

Data that the Owner of the service obtains from other sources can be joined with other data
in the collection for the purpose of adapting the marketing message for the user visiting the

Personal data shall be collected, processed and stored in accordance with the Personal
Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1).

The Owner of the service does not assume liability for any potential database breach that
could imperil the published content. Users are aware of the fact that the Owner of the
services is obliged to communicate the user data to government bodies upon a reasoned
request and on a legal basis when there is due cause for the suspicion of a committed
criminal offence prosecuted ex officio.

All complaints and reclamations shall be resolved by the Owner of the service. You can
reach us at the e-mail address bozicnivojnik@gmail.com. In case of justified complaints, we
undertake to solve them in the time frame provided by law and to notify the user of it.

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